Monday, June 26, 2017

Still not back on the water

I left for NYC on 6/3, the day of the White River Open FF tournament.  I'd finished in the top 5 the three previous years and was hopeful this might be the year I pulled out the win.  A friend ended up winning with 17 fish, so I doubt that I would have won.  But, because of my trip to NYC, I never got to fish.

We had a nice mini-vacation in NYC, and then I had cancer surgery on 6/8.  I was discharged on the 14th and returned home on the 15th.

I'm still using pain medicine fairly regularly, so I have not yet been out fishing.  I also developed an infection along my incision line, so my staples have not yet been removed.  Hopefully, they will come out in the next few days.

It is my goal to get out for a couple hours of fishing this coming weekend, if the water levels are not too high.  It will probably be 5 or so more weeks until I feel 100%, but I hope to fish a little bit before then.

People here will be the first to hear when I finally catch a fish again.