Monday, August 25, 2014

Hatches everywhere and I'm not on the water

Flying Ants showed up last week - all through central VT.

Yellow sulphurs showed up in the tiny river in the town where I live.  I know of at least two people who took fish on the surface on sulphurs in a river where I rarely catch anything.  They even caught rainbows in a river where almost every fish that I do land is a brown or a brookie.

And late last week, isonychias were reported all through the center of the state.

I have no wading boots.  I ordered a new pair to replace the boots that fell apart, but they won't be here until Wednesday.  Maybe I'll get out after work one night this week, after the new boots show up.

I could fish my old Simms felt-soled boots, but they are illegal here in VT.  Not only do I not want to be fined, I don't want to risk spreading rock snot from one river to another either.

Water temperatures are unusually cool for August and I hear the fishing is great.  I just didn't get out this past weekend to verify that.

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