Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Wading boots - great customer service from Orvis

After my left boot fell apart on Sunday night, I sent an e-mail to Orvis.  I told them about the boot problem and asked about a repair or perhaps a partial credit towards a new pair of boots.

I had purchased the boot that fell apart just before our season opener in 2012 - about 2 and a half seasons ago.  I probably have 100 days on the boots.  I had also purchased them as a closeout item for about 60% of the original retail. I had gotten this boot as Orvis transitioned to an updated model.

Orvis responded that they don't do repairs on boots.  But, if I am willing to send the boots back, they are willing to refund my entire purchase price.  I spent $99 for the boots and used them about 100 days (which I honestly explained to Orvis).  And, they still offered me a full refund on them.

That's amazing customer service from Orvis.

I don't own any Orvis rods, but I have 3 pairs of wading boots (mine, my son's and my wife's boots), 2 pairs of waders, 2 reels, 2 lines, lots of leaders, flies and fly tying materials.  They've certainly earned more of my business.

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