Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I never thought that would happen

A few people in the CrossFit gym where I train (you need to be in shape for 12+ hour days on the water) do some fly fishing.  One guy in particular is into it as much as I am, and his wife also fly fishes.

He and his wife are headed out tonight and he just called to get some information from me - spots on the Winooski to fish, fly suggestions, the kind of drifts I've been using, etc.  I never thought that anyone would think of me as the source of actual useful fly fishing information.

Yes, I love fly fishing.  I fish when I can.  I buy the gear.  I tie some flies.  But, even after all these years, I still consider myself to be a hack.  I still fish with guides on occasion just to improve my skills and knowledge of water bodies.

When people are coming to me for advice, the first thing I tend to think is "they're desperate".

But, maybe I am finally starting to understand this sport and I have useful information to share with other fishermen.

As my friend talked to me about where he was going to fish, I told him a spot I was planning to fish this coming weekend.  It's one of my "secret" spots on the Winooski.  I took my friend there last fall and he took two big wild rainbows on a day that I got skunked.  I figured that if I told him I was going to fish it this weekend, he'd leave it alone for me, and he said he wouldn't go there because I was planning to fish it this weekend - nice guy.  He is heading to another place that I showed him, but everyone knows that spot.  It's just a matter of your willingness to wade half a mile upstream from the only parking access.

Here's a photo of a nice fish I took at that "secret" spot last fall:

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