Monday, June 30, 2014

Time to seek out the smaller waters

My wife and I tried to get out fishing Saturday night.  Our target was the main branch of the White River, near Royalton.  I was happy when I saw the water levels at my targeted spot.  I haven't fished this spot yet this year because wading has been too dangerous.  The water was finally low enough for wading to be safe.

But, before we geared up, I needed to check the water temperature.  Regretfully, it was 71.5F - too hot for catch and release fishing.  I didn't really have a backup location in mind, and every option I could think of meant a significant drive.  So, we headed back home without fishing.

Next weekend, we are going to head north to stay with my in-laws at their summer camp for a few days.  In that part of the state, there are a few rivers that I'm sure will have cooler water temperatures, so we will be able to get some fishing done.  I will certainly target the Black River and its population of small wild rainbows.  If the temperatures downstream are acceptable, I may try for browns below Coventry.

I really need to re-think my options closer to home.  Only the smaller mountain streams are going to be under 70F for the next month or two.  Regretfully, the higher quality streams of this type are not really close to our house.  This will mean driving anywhere from 45 minutes to 90 minutes each direction to go after small native brookies.  I guess I'll be doing some exploring unless our current heat wave breaks and the closer waters cool down a bit.  We could use a break from the heat and it's still June.  We also could use more rain, although most rivers are running a bit above their median water flows for this time of year.  But, the water levels are below optimal for fishing on a lot of rivers.

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